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Unique Kinesiology

What is unique kinesiology?

Unique Kinesiology is unique for two reasons, the main one being that you are unique and kinesiology enables me as the kinesiologist to gain feedback from you by placing light pressure on muscles of arms and legs. This feedback can then be used to find out a myriad of things from which nutrition energises or depletes you, or which situations or emotions do the same. From here we can look at things that may have happened in the past that are affecting you as a while.

This is vital information to enable you to move forward in life to enhance, wellbeing, goals or your intention for the future.

From there we use simple techniques to enable change and blend in the unique ways that I work to:

  • optimise happiness, goals and change

  • alleviate stress, anxiety, aches and pains

  • monitor emotional and physical well being

  • support the body to hold new programmes of nutrition

By bringing together multiple disciplines I can work with an individual to create a bespoke way of working.

I offer the following sessions on their own or you can have a consultation and create your own unique blend.


It tracks the body’s energy by tuning in and connecting to the body’s energy system.  This helps to show what is possibly depleting the system and then find solutions that help the person find new sources of energy to tap into in an active way.

Single session £55

Astrology and kinesiology

We look at your birth chart to shed light not only on where the planets were when you were born but what is happening for you now. 

This offers a unique map which can point to areas that contain strength, challenge, potential or gifts that can be unlocked.  Astrology can point us in beneficial directions that may not be obvious or clear. 



Reflexology is based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. Reflexologists work holistically with their clients and aim to work alongside allopathic healthcare to promote better health, relaxation and well being for their clients.

£40 per treatment

Packages available

Touch for health





Tracey Chaplin, Kinesiologist, Reflexologist and HeartMath Coach.

I have always had a keen interest in health , well being and Eastern Philosophy, religion and spirituality  and how this coincides with our Western traditions.  

I love to find the areas of overlap.  The Eastern philosophies have always kept the fundamental area of health at the forefront of their traditions in the forms of Ayurvedic Medicine and Chinese Medicine.  These have had and are continuing to influence and leaven not only our areas of complimentary health but also the more traditional Western medical areas are taking on some of this knowledge as well.  It is my belief that both areas can support our understanding, health and well being.    

Eastern medicine tends to be more holistic in nature as it encompasses the fundamental nature of life from its building blocks on an elemental level and this can provide so many insights.  Eastern traditions have also been based on astrology and the study of the cosmos.  Western tradition did practise this too but was lost a few hundred years ago.  

I studied Comparative Religion for my degree and have continued to explore this area of knowledge.  This has led me to qualifications in Reflexology, Touch for Health, Creative Kinesiology and Astrology - all of which inform this interest and have developed my offering to my clients. 

Image of Tracey Chaplin practitioner at Unique Kinesiology





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Clinic locations

I regularly practice from these physical locations however we can work together on the phone or using skype or discuss other options when we plan our work together.


Nutrivital - Worcester House, 4 Dragon St, Petersfield GU31 4JD



I have a space near Pulborough.  Please email for details